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IES Occupational Health and Safety Management Plan

Prior to beginning any task, it is important to understand all safety consideration of the task to be performed and necessary precautions should be taken. This can be accomplished through a safety line-up, pre-work, checklist or a Safety Task Assignment.

A major aim of IES is a careful dealing with Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). All employees in the construction site have the right to a safe workplace as well as proper tools and equipment. They should be able to perform their tasks without damage to their health, lives and without adverse effects on the environment. It is the primary responsibility of all managers & safety officers in the construction site to plan and implement work practices that protect the employees, ensures a healthy and safe working environment and promotes efficient operation.

Safety at work must be considered indispensable by all the concerned persons. It is just as important as demands related to quality, costs or deadlines.

The objective of this OH&S Management Plan of IES is to define responsible and realistic policies, procedures and responsibilities concerning HSE and make them available to all concerned persons. This OH&S Management Plan organizes all aspects of HSE during the construction phase of the Site.

This OH&S Management Plan establishes minimum standards. If local laws or regulations differ from them, the more stringent provision should be applied

IES belongs own Safety Policy which has been applied in different projects and accepted by National & Multi-national Company of the country.

The Goals of the HSE Plan

IES believes that " all injuries are preventable and the goal for the project duration is zero harm to all persons and the environment ".

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