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IES Products

SL# Product Image Product Name Summary of the Product Product Details
1 ECO-HOPPER Environmental pollution by fugitive dust is a major issue for all ports handling bulk cargoes. When materials are dropped into a conventional hopper particulate separation and hence dust pollution is inevitable.
Eco-Hoppers are equipped with a simple & effective dust control system to minimize the escape of dust during the grab discharge cycle.
Product Details
2 Bucket Elevator Bucket elevators are designed to move flowing powders or bulk solids vertically. The typical elevator consists of a series of buckets mounted on chain or belt operating over a sprocket or pulley. Take-ups are provided as a means to compensate for variations in length of chain or belt due to temperature changes, atmospheric conditions or wear. A steel casing encloses the bucket line. Head sections and boot sections house integral transmission components. Product Details
3 Air-Slide The Air-Slide is designed to convey bulk powders from silos or storage compartments into a processing system. They provide a convenient and easily controllable method of conveying. The simple combination of air pressure and gravity allows powdered materials to flow like a fluid. Air Slide conveyors are very efficient and quiet. And with no moving parts, these conveyors are also extremely cost effective and require very little maintenance. Product Details