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Eco-Hopper (2014)

Project Name : Eco-Hopper (2014)
Supplier Name : IES
Client Name : Heidelberg Cement Bangladesh Ltd. (Ruby Cement, Chittagong Plant), Chittagong.
Location of the Project : Jetty Area in Ruby Cement, Chittagong plant.
Status of the Project : COMPLETED
Scope of the Work : 1. Design, Construction (Modification), Fabrication, Erection and Commissioning of Three (03) units of Eco Hopper with bag filters at Jetty area in Ruby Cement,Chittagong plant.
2. Two Bag Filters of Filtration Area of 63m2 each.Water Proof Bags (Dia-130mm, Length-1300mm), Dedusting System, Skirt (800mm x 12000mm), Blower-37KW.
3. Hopper Extention with Flex-Flap and Steel Net : Dropping Hole of 150mm x 150mm, Rubber Size-420mm, Extention Height-1400mm.
4. Electrical and Automation: Manual Motor Starter, Frequency Inverter, Pressure Switch.
5. PLC 40 I/O with Programming, Solenoid Valve.

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